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ACTICLOT® dPT™, dilute Prothrombin Time test -CE

ACTICLOT® dPT™, dilute Prothrombin Time test -CE

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ACTICLOT® dPT™ is a dilute Prothrombin Time (dPT) test for screening and confirming the presence of phospholipid-dependent LA autoantibodies in plasma.Clinical studies show that a dPT test is an effective LA coagulation assay that identifies LA not detected by other tests, such as a Lupus-sensitive aPTT and a dRVVT test. Adding a dPT test to an LA testing panel increases the sensitivity of detecting LA in patient samples.Clotting is initiated by activating the tissue factor (extrinsic) coagulation pathway with tissue factor in the presence of calcium ions. Activation of the tissue factor pathway bypasses the contact (intrinsic) pathway and excludes any interference from deficiencies of Factor XII.Reagents are included for performing both a screening and confirmatory test. The presence of LA in plasma is identified when both tests are positive. The screening and confirmatory tests may be performed at the same time, allowing for the most rapid turnaround time for test results of each plasma. Alternatively, plasmas may first be screened for the presence of LA and then retested for confirmation of the phospholipid-dependence of the autoantibodies detected.

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